The Illustrated London News: The Complete Second World War, September 1939 - December 1945 - 13 Volumes Complete.

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13 Volumes. Large hardcovers (36x26cm) in blue cloth, bound for the Library of The Gordon Highlanders, gilt titles on spines, Gordon Highlanders cap badge in gilt on front covers, some light shelfwear but overall in Near Fine condition. This large, complete and unique set of 13 volumes of the weekly London Illustrated News covers every aspect of the Second World War in great detail. Volume 1: 2 September - 30 December 1939, pp 614, Covers the first four months, including countless articles and illustrations mainly concerning the beginning of the Second World War which officially began the day before the first issue in this volume was published as well as Allied and Axis preparations for war. Volume 2: 6 January - 29 June 1940, pp 896, Illustrated articles covering every aspect of the war including the Finnish-Soviet Winter War at the beginning of the year, the fall of the Low Countries, Fall of France and the Evacuation of Dunkirk. Volume 3: 6 July - 28 December 1940, pp 852, Illustrated articles covering every aspect of the war including attacks on Atlantic convoys, The Battle of Britain, preparations for Nazi invasion of Britain, The Blitz, the first bombing of Berlin, the invasion and defeat of Italy in Egypt, a fold out panorama image of every Luftwaffe pilot shot down during the Battle of Britain with graphs and aircraft descriptions, Greek preparations for invasion. Volume 4: 4 January - 28 June 1941, pp 850, Illustrated articles covering every aspect of the war including The Battle of Tobruk, British forces arrive in Greece, the sinking of HMS Hood and the Bismarck, the final issue covers the start of Operation Barbarossa. Volume 5: 5 July - 27 December 1941, pp 832, articles include the German advance into the USSR, the continuing campaign in North Africa and the Middle East, the surrender of Indo-China to the Japanese, Allied capture of Syria, The Siege of Leningrad, Advance on Moscow, Sino-Japanese War, Advances in Libya, Sinking of HMS Ark Royal, preparations in Burma, Attack on Pearl Harbour, USA Enters War. Volume 6: 3 January - 27 June 1942, pp 756. Articles include: the war in Malaya and the fall of Singapore, Fighting in Burma, Battle of Coral Sea Volume 7: 4 July - 26 December 1942, pp 728, Some pages in this Volume repaired with tape. Articles include the Battle for Malta, Battle of Midway Island, Battle of El Alamein, Battle of Stalingrad. Volume 8: 2 January - 26 June 1943, pp 724. Articles include Jungle Warfare in New Guinea, Victories in the Caucasus for USSR, Allied push towards Tripoli, Axis Surrenders North Africa. Volume 9: 3 July - 25 December 1943, pp 728. Articles include the invasion and capture of Sicily, Surrender of Italy, Allies meet in Tehran. Volume 10: 1 January - 24 June 1944, pp 720, one page repaired with tape, final 12 or so pages have a small area of damage presumably from before they were bound. Articles include the end of the Siege of Leningrad, Soviets capture Odessa, Allies enter Rome, Operation Overlord/Neptune the D-Day Landings. Volume 11: 1 July - 30 December 1944, pp 752, rear cover of this volume has a approx 25cm scratch and some loose pages. Detailed coverage of the Allied advance into France after the D-Day landings as well as the push into Belgium and Holland, Surrender of Axis forces in Greece, Battle of the Bulge. Volume 12: 6 January - 30 June 1945, pp 712, Germans withdraw from Ardennes, Liberation of Warsaw and Auschwitz, Invasion of Iwo Jima, Death of FDR, The Fall of Berlin, VE Day. Volume 13: 7 July - 29 December 1945, pp 728, Potsdam Conference, Military Technological Advances throughout the war, USA drops Atom Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan Surrenders, Second World War Ends, in this volume you can see the news (still heavily focused on the war and post war events) almost return to normal. THE PACKED WEIGHT OF THIS SET WEIGHS OVER 65KG, ADDITIONAL POSTAGE IS REQUIRED.

Title: The Illustrated London News: The Complete Second World War, September 1939 - December 1945 - 13 Volumes Complete.

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Edition: 1st Edition

Publisher: The Illustrated London News and Sketch, Ltd.: 1945

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Book Condition: Near Fine

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